Friday, September 21, 2012

The Map that never dies

That design I made in 2002/2003 just won't go away.

The lovely and much respect Simon Garfield just adopted it for the endpapers of his forthcoming new book called "On The Map".

And following all the hoo-har are around Apple's new mapping utility on the iPhone5, Frank Jacobs (he of the strangemaps blog & book) also cited my design in todays Guardian.

It's quite amazing how often this thing comes up in various web searches. Try it for yourself: just type in these words to google images for example "metro map", "Subway map", or even "rail map" - my funny litlle pastiche comes up in the first ten or pages of each.

I'm feeling a whole new book coming on: the evolution of a crazy design into a worldwide phenomenon!

Anyway just thought you map lovers might want to know. Enjoy!

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